Barbecued Side



Live Lobster



Scallops · Clams · Oysters

Conch · Squid ·
Cuttle Fish





Bean Curd

Four Season



Hot & Spicy



    Spring Roll (3)

    Spiced Salty Baked Quail (1)

    Fried Wonton (12)

    Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (4)

    Steamed Shrimp & Pork Dumplings (4)

    Fried Shrimp Balls (3)

    Stuffed Crab Claw w/Shrimp Paste (1)

    Pickled Radish

    Pot Sticker or Steamed Meat Dumplings (6)

    Preserved Duck Egg & Pickled Radish

Steamed Shrimp & Pork Wonton w/
    Zesty Red Hot Chili & Brown Vinegar
    Sauce (10)

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    Barbecued Side Dishes

    Roast meats are traditionally served at room
    temperature for the best texture, crispy skin and
    flavor. If you want your order to be served warm,
    please let us know in advance. (Extra ginger sauce:
    $1.00 Charge)

    Sesame Jelly Fish

    Marinated Cuttle Fish

    Stuffed Cold Knuckle

    Spiced Pigs Intestine

    Barbecued Spare Rib

    Pig’s Tongue, Stomach & Ear

    Roasted Pork

    Roasted Pig w/Crispy Skin

    Spiced Duck Tongue

    Roasted Duck

    Soy Sauce Chicken

    Steamed White Chicken

    Steamed Salty Chicken w/Ginger

    Any Two Kinds of Roasted Pig, Pork,
    Chicken or Duck

    Plum Duck

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    Egg Drop Soup (Quart)

Hot & Sour Soup (Quart)

    Seaweed w/ Bean Curd Soup (Quart)

    Sliced Pork w/Watercress Soup (Quart)

    Sliced Pork w/Mustard Green Soup (Quart)

   Sliced Pork, Preserved Duck Egg (Quart)
Chinese Parsley Soup

    Sliced Beef w/Pickled Cabbage Soup (Quart)

    Seafood Bean Curd Soup (Quart)

    Minced Beef w/Chinese Parsley Soup (Quart)

    Mashed Chicken w/Creamy Corn Soup (Quart)

    Crab Meat w/Asparagus Soup (Quart)

    Crab Meat w/Fish Maw Soup (Quart)

    Clam Soup (Quart)

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    Steamed Flounder w/Ginger &
    Scallion Soy Sauce – Seasonal Price

    Steamed Founder w/Black Bean &
    Garlic Sauce – Seasonal Price

    Pan-Fried Flounder w/Ginger Soy Sauce – Seasonal Price

    Sautéed Filet of Flounder w/Crispy Fin – Seasonal Price

    Sautéed Filet of Chilean Sea bass
    w/Chinese Greens

    Salty Baked Filet of Chilean Sea bass w/Chili

Hunan Crispy Whole Fish – Seasonal Price

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    Live Lobster
    (1 1/2 lbs. to 1 3/4 lbs.)

    Lobster w/Ginger & Scallion Sauce – Seasonal Price

Sizzling Lobster w/Black Pepper Sauce – Seasonal Price

Salty Baked Lobster w/Chili – Seasonal Price

    Salty Baked Lobster w/Chili & Butter – Seasonal Price
    Garlic Sauce

    Lobster w/Minced Pork & Scrambled Egg – Seasonal Price

    Steamed Lobster w/Garlic Sauce – Seasonal Price
    Hong Kong Style

    Sautéed Lobster "Yee Mein" Noodle – Seasonal Price

Lobster w/Black Bean & Garlic Sauce – Seasonal Price

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    Salty Baked Fresh Dungeness Crab – Seasonal Price

    Baked Dungeness Crab w/Ginger – Seasonal Price
    & Scallion Sauce

    Steamed Dungeness Crab w/Ginger – Seasonal Price
    Soy Sauce

    Baked Dungeness Crab w/Fresh Garlic – Seasonal Price
    & Butter Sauce

Salty Baked Soft Shell Crab – Seasonal Crab

    Sautéed Soft Shell Crab w/Ginger & Scallion – Seasonal Price

    Sautéed Crab Meat w/Snow Pea Shoots



    Prawns w/Honey Glazed Walnuts

    Prawns & Sugar Snap Peas in Garlic Sauce

    Prawns w/Fresh Asparagus in Garlic Sauce

    Braised Head-On Shrimp
    w/Ginger & 
Scallion Sauce

    Broiled Head-On Shrimp
    w/Ginger & Soy Sauce

Salty Baked Head-On Shrimp

    Seafood Combination

Salty Baked Prawns w/Chili
    (in Shell)

    Shrimp w/Lobster Sauce

    Prawns w/Back Mushroom & Bamboo

    Prawns w/Bitter Melon in Black Bean &
    Garlic Sauce

    Prawns w/Black Bean Sauce

Prawns w/Spicy Sauce

Prawns w/Curry Sauce

    Shrimp w/Cashew Nuts

    Shrimp w/Scrambled Eggs

    Prawns w/Snow Peas

    Prawns w/Green Vegetables

    Prawns w/Chinese or American Broccoli

    Sautéed Mixed Seafood in a Nest

Sautéed Sliced White Meat Chicken & Prawns
    w/Zesty Red Hot Chili Sauce

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    Scallops · Clams · Oysters

    Steamed Fresh Pacific Ocean Oyster – Seasonal Price
    w/Ginger & Scallions in Soy Sauce (6)

    Steamed Oyster w/Black Bean &– Seasonal Price
    Garlic Sauce (6)

    Steamed Oyster w/Mashed Garlic – Seasonal Price
    Sauce Hong Kong Style (6)

    Deep Fried Oysters (6) –Seasonal Price

Clams w/Black Bean & Garlic Sauce

    Clams w/Ginger & Scallion Sauce

    Scallops w/Black Bean & Garlic Sauce

    Sautéed Scallops

    Scallops w/Chinese Greens

Salty Baked Scallops w/Chili

Salty Baked Scallops & Squid

Salty Baked Scallops, Squid & Shrimps

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    Conch · Squid · Cuttle Fish

    Sautéed Sea Conch w/Yellow Chives

    Sautéed Sea Conch w/Golden Mushrooms

    Sautéed Sea Conch w/ Chinese Greens

    Sautéed Sea Conch & Fresh-Dried Squid

    Sautéed Sea Conch & Sliced Cuttle Fish w/Yellow Chives

    Sautéed Sea Conch & Pork Kidney w/Yellow Chives

    Fresh-Dried Squid w/ Leek Sprouts

    Shredded Fresh-Dried Squid w/Leek Sprouts,
    Yellow Chives & Jelly Fish

Salt Baked Fresh Squid w/Chili

    Sautéed Fresh & Dried Squid

    Sautéed Fresh Squid w/Black Bean & Garlic Sauce

    Fresh & Dried Squid w/Pickled Cabbage

    Sautéed Sliced Cuttle Fish w/Vegetables

Sliced Cuttle Fish w/Chili Garlic Sauce

    Sautéed Cuttle Fish w/Extra Thin Sliced Lotus Root

    Sautéed Squid w/Yellow Leek & Thin Sliced Lotus Root

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    Peking Duck
    (Half) or (Whole)

    A tender Long Island duckling is marinated and
    then roasted. The golden crispy skin and the
    juicy delicious meat are carved separately, then
wrapped in a pancake with scallion and special
    plum sauce.

    Sliced Boneless Roasted Duck w/Bitter Melon

    Stuffed Crispy Boneless Duck w/Taro Paste (Half)

    Sliced Boneless Roasted Duck w/Pickled Cabbage

    Sliced Boneless Roasted Duck w/Ginger & Spring Onions

    Sliced Boneless Roasted Duck  w/Pineapple
    Chunks & Sour Ginger

    Moo Shu Duck (4 pancakes)

Orange Duck (Half)
    Boneless, crispy skin roasted duck
    w/aged dried orange peel sauce

    Braised Boneless Roasted Duck
    w/Assorted Seafood & Roast Pork (Half)

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    Sliced Beef w/Chinese Broccoli

    Sliced Beef w/Pickled Cabbage

    Sliced Beef w/Green Vegetables

    Sliced Beef w/Mustard Green

    Sliced Beef w/Snow Pea Pods

    Sliced Beef w/Oyster Sauce

    Sliced Beef w/Curry Sauce

    Sliced Beef w/Bitter Melon

Sliced Beef w/Green Pepper in Black Bean
      & Garlic Sauce

    Sliced Beef w/White Bean Curd

    Sliced Beef w/Ginger & Spring Onions

Hunan Beef

Szechuan Beef

    Sliced Beef w/Pineapple Chunks & Sour Ginger

    Sliced Beef w/Black Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots

    Sliced Beef w/Sugar Snap Peas

    Sliced Beef w/Fresh Asparagus in Garlic Sauce

    Fillet Steak w/Onion Chinese Style
      in Special Tomato Sauce)

Baked Beef Short Ribs w/Pepper Salt

Orange Beef

Sizzling Beef Short Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce

Sizzling Filet Steak in Black Pepper Sauce

Sautéed Steak Chunk w/ Black Pepper Sauce

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Shredded Pork w/Spicy Garlic Sauce

    Sweet & Sour Pork

Shredded Pork w/Szechuan Turnips

    Moo Shu Pork (4 pancakes)

Sliced Pork w/ Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce

    Sliced Roasted Pork w/Bean Curd

    Slicked Pork w/Chinese Black Mushrooms
    & Bamboo Shoots

    Kingdom Pork Chops (Baked Center-Cut Pork
    Chops w/Exotic Brown Vinegar Sauce)

Baked Pork Chops w/Pepper Salt

    Baked Marinated Pork Chops w/White Creamy Sauce

    Sweet & Sour Spareribs Hong Kong Style

    Steamed Minced Pork w/Chinese Anchovy

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    Sweet & Sour Chicken

    Sliced Chicken w/Ginger & Spring Onions

Sliced Chicken w/Curry Sauce

    Sliced Chicken w/Chinese Broccoli

    Sliced Chicken w/Snow Peas

    Diced Chicken w/Cashew Nuts

Kung Po Chicken

    Sliced Chicken w/Chinese Black
    Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots

    Sliced Chicken w/Sugar Snap Peas

    Sliced Chicken w/Fresh Asparagus

    Steamed Chicken w/Ginger & Scallions in Creamy Wine Sauce (Half)

    Fried Crispy Chicken w/Dry Garlic & Parsley (Half)

    Fried Crispy Skin Chicken (Half)

General Tso’s Chicken

Orange Chicken

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    Bean Curd

    Deep Fried Bean Curd (No Meat)

Deep Fried Bean Curd Cube w/Chili & Garlic (No Meat)

    Deep Fried Stuffed Bean Curd

    White Bean Curd w/Straw Mushrooms

    Braised Bean Curd w/Mixed Vegetables

    White Bean Curd w/Chinese Mushrooms & Bamboo Shoots

    Deep Fried Scrambled Bean Curd w/Shrimp Paste

   Steamed Stuffed Bean Curd w/Shrimp Paste

Ma Poo Bean Curd w/Minced Pork

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    Stewed Boneless Pig’s Knuckle Casserole

    Stuffed Bean Curd Casserole (In Broth)

    Sizzling Chicken Casserole

    Beef Brisket & Tendon Casserole

    Mixed Vegetable Deluxe Casserole

    Diced Chicken w/ Anchovy & Bean Curd Casserole

    Diced Chicken w/ Anchovy & Eggplant Casserole

    Combination Casserole

    Seafood Casserole

    Fresh Oyster w/Ginger & Spring Onion Casserole

    Fresh Oyster w/Roast Pig Casserole

    Fresh-Dried Squid w/ Eggplant Casserole

    Braised Lamb Casserole

    Braised Frog Legs w/Shaosing Wine

    Braised Cod Fish Casserole

    Roast Pig Casserole

    Sautéed Lobster w/ Vermicelli Casserole

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    Chinese Broccoli w/Oyster Sauce

    Chinese Greens w/Oyster Sauce

    Sautéed Chinese Greens w/ Fresh Garlic Sauce

    Sautéed Chinese Broccoli w/Fresh Garlic Sauce

    Sautéed Watercress w/Fresh Garlic Sauce

    Sautéed Watercress w/Bean Curd Paste

    Sautéed Snow Peas w/Fresh Garlic Sauce

    Sautéed Mustard Green w/ Fresh Garlic Sauce

    Sautéed Spinach w/ Fresh Garlic Sauce

Eggplant Szechuan Sauce

    Sautéed Mixed Vegetables

    Sautéed Sugar Snap Peas w/Fresh Garlic Sauce

    Sautéed Fresh Asparagus w/ Fresh Garlic Sauce

Dry Cooked String Beans w/Minced Pork

Sautéed Water Spinach w/ Fresh Garlic Sauce

Sautéed Water Spinach w/Hot Pepper
    & Bean Curd Paste

    Salted Duck Egg & Preserved Duck Egg w/Spinach in Broth

    Sautéed Chives Sprouts w/Chinese Anchovy

    Stir Fried Chives Sprouts w/Garlic Sauce

    Chinese Black Mushrooms w/Mustard Green

    Stir Fried Snow Pea Shoots w/Garlic Sauce

    Season Vegetables (Baby Cabbage,
    Baby Chinese Broccoli, Green Baby Rape,
    Fresh Asparagus)

    Vegetarian Delight

    Sautéed Snow Peas, String Beans & American

    Broccoli w/Ginger Sauce

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    Coconut Pudding (3)

    Almond Jelly (Cold)

    Hot Tofu

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    *Pricing subject to change